How does engine carbon cleaning work?

Our innovative engine carbon cleaning machine works by simply connecting to any 12 or 24 volt supply and the output of the machine gets connecReduce CO2 with woman holding a tablet cted to the air intake of the engine.

Hydrogen gases are pulsated via the machine through the air intake system of the engine. This leads to burning off carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly.

This is suitable for all petrol, diesel or hybrid engines.

So, whether you’ve a boat, car, bus or tractor we have the cleaning solution for you. (Service approximately 30/60mins)

Whether you want to rejuvenate your old engine, prevent your new engine from future costly repairs or to save money on fuel.

This is the service you are looking for!

The advantages

Removes & Restores

  • Removes carbon deposits from all engine types
    Restores power & performance
    Reduces fuel consumption
    Reduces emissions and assists with MOT tests
    Reduces engine noise / vibration
    Increases engine lifespan

  • Preventing Clogging

    Back to New!

  • EGR Valve systems
    Catalytic convertors
    Intake valves
    Intake manifolds
    Fuel Injectors

  • CHALLENGE US TO get the best from your vehicle

    Come and watch us work on your vehicle from our 1.35m window where you can watch your car on our Rolling Road and see how we take extra care of your pride and joy!

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