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 What is a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?

A Diesel Particulate Filter, also known as DPF, is a filter that captures and stores soot particles that are being exhausted from diesel vehicles/engines.

The filters only have a limited capacity which means the filter periodically has to burn the captured soot particles off. This is done automatically via the vehicle through a process known as a regeneration.

As of 2009 DPF’s have been mandatory through the Euro 5 exhaust emissions legislation in an effort to help lower CO2 emissions.

Our Solution For You

Full vehicle health check & diagnostics

Live data analysis & manual pressure testing

3-Stage DPF chemical cleaning process

Aftercare products and advice for your DPF

Blocked DPF Symptoms

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  • Engine management / DPF warning lights
    Limp Mode (Most common)
    Reduced fuel efficiency
    Poor throttle response
    Engine harder / fails to start

  • Why did my DPF Block?

    Have you checked?

  • Faulty Differential pressure sensor
    Start/ stop driving
    Clogged EGR valve, Turbo failure, faulty injectors
    Incorrect engine oil
    High mileage vehicle

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