Dyno Remapping in Scotlands Borders

Here at JPTuningBorders, we can unleash your vehicle's true potential, by modifying your vehicle's ECU software using our in house 600bhp 2wd V-tech Dyno. This allows us to build some of the best tuned files in the market, while also allowing us to provide thorough diagnostics and vehicle health checks before and after tuning your vehicle. This ensures your vehicles worthy of tuning and secondly to ensure you get what you came for... POWER & PERFORMANCE...

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We also have state of the art tuning facilities on a mobile basis to provide you with the highest quality of tuning at a place most convenient to you.

Benefits To Remapping

Increased Power, Performance & Drivability

Improved Fuel Economy

Increased Torque

Remove Dead Spots

Improved Throttle Response

Rolling Road Tuning

Accurate Remapping

A Dynamometer simply known as Rolling Road is a device used for measuring the power output such as torque and horsepower from an engine.

A rolling road is essential when developing a truly custom remap for any vehicle. It allows for accurate data logging on crucial parameters that play a part in the tuning process.

Benefits of using our DYNO:

  • Custom Tuning
    Before & After Power Runs
    Thorough Diagnosis
    Peak Power Workout

​Rolling Road Options:

  • ECU Remapping ​
    TCU Remapping
    Power Runs

ECU Remapping

Engine Control Unit

ECU Remapping is the ability to enhance the power and/or fuel economy of a vehicle by safely altering some of the parameters on the vehicle ECU (Engine Control Unit).

ECU Remapping Options:

  • Stage 1/2 Tuning
    Fleet Tuning

Available extras:

  • Pops & Bangs
    Hardcut limiters
    Speed Limiter Removal
    DPF/EGR Solutions
    Adblue Solution
    Cold Start Delete

  • Sports Display & more!

TCU Remapping

DSG & ZF8 Gearboxes

TCU Remapping is adapting the functionality of an automatic vehicles TCU (Transmission Control Unit) e.g. gear shift & torque limitation.

We currently cover DSG & ZF8 Gearboxes.

When tuning a vehicle, it is recommended to have the ECU and TCU remapped simultaneously.

TCU Remapping options:

  • Increased Shift Speeds
    Increased Maximum Torque
    Launch Control
    Kick Down

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Come and watch us work on your vehicle from our 1.35m window where you can watch your car on our Rolling Road and see how we take extra care of your pride and joy!

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